AdBioInk offers a wide range of ready-to use biomaterials and formulated bioinks that to speed up your studies and build the future.
What is bioink?
Encapsulation of cells within the ink to make a “bioink” presents the potential to print 3D constructs that can be implanted into the damaged/diseased tissue to promote cell-based regeneration and repair.
The bioink is a critical component of 3D-bioprinting. An ideal bioink needs to have characteristics such as low cost, bioprintability, tunable mechanical integrity, stability and biodegradability at a rate appropriate to the regenerating tissue, cell compatibility (non-toxicity and non-immunogenicity, and the ability for promoting cell adhesion) and ability to recapitulate the cellular microenvironment. Bioinks should ideally guide cells into the 3D construct towards specific functions or behaviour. The final properties of the bioprinted tissue construct are important for the end application.