UV/Vis Curing Platform


ECMs are macromolecular substances located outside the cells, which provide the connections of cells that need to adhere to each other, direct cell movements, contribute to the growth, development and metabolism of cells. ECM-derived macromolecules fill the gaps caused by the losses in the original tissues. It forms the basic elements that give the textures their shape and ensure their functional harmony.

Using tissue engineering methods of chemical modification, cell culture models are created that closely mimic natural microenvironments. AdBioInk Crosslinker provides crosslinking of hydrogel systems with photoinitiators by forming ECM stiffness in accordance with the physiological conditions of different healthy and diseased tissues. Uv/Vis Curing Platform allows you to create the texture you want with the changeable UV and visible light sources. It allows you to obtain cell-loaded scaffolds without harming cell viability. In this cell-friendly system, Uv/Vis Curing Platform provides the opportunity to create matrix stiffness that covers a wide range of light power and duration you want. It makes it easy for you to obtain photocrosslinkable extracellular matrices in a few minutes and to obtain tissue stiffnesses in the human body by using the desired light power. ECM stiffness is known to regulate stem cell differentiation, cell migration, epithelial-to-mesenchymal migration (EMT) of cells in cancer tissue, cell proliferation and adhesion. It is very important that the hydrogels that will mimic the natural environment of the cells have the appropriate stiffness. It can be adjusted by changing the light source and light exposure time in AdBioInk Crosslinker and provides a cell-friendly control panel that allows you to achieve the matrix stiffness you desire in your tissue engineering studies.


Technical Properties of Uv/Vis Curing Platform



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