BioPen-X (Handheld Bioprinter)


Three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technologies are a tool used to obtain functional human tissues and organs used for regenerative medicine or drug development. 3D bioprinters are more costly and are often used to produce biological tissues outside the body. It is insufficient to provide sterile conditions for in vivo transplantations and to print suitable models. AdBioInk BioPen (handheld bioprinter) can be used for in situ tissue damage removal with its excellent portability and ease of use. The Bioen system includes a motorized extrusion system, a bioink cartridge, a nozzle, and a photocuring unit. With its replaceable visible light unit, it makes it possible to cross-link hydrogels with different photoinitiators. With its adjustable extrusion system, it can make cell-friendly bioprints and allows the cell-loaded hydrogel to be printed at the desired speed in the cartridge. It can cross-link the hydrogel during or after printing. With the replaceable visible light source of the AdBioInk BioPen-X, you can obtain scaffolds of different stiffness. It allows you to mimic the texture you want using different photoinitiators. In particular, it allows you to work directly on damaged tissues and to work in the desired geometry on curved surfaces.


Technical Properties of BioPen-X

Using the BioPen system, 3-dimensional bioprinting was performed with the GelMA (methacrylated gelatin bioink), ChiMA (methacrylated chitosan bioink), HAMA (methacrylated hyaluronic acid bioink), GumMA (methacrylated gellan gum bioink) ve KapMA (methacrylated kappa carrageenan bioink) products developed by AdBioInk.


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