GelMA (Gelatin methacrylate)


GelMA (Gelatin methacrylate) is a promising biomaterial to build tissue-engineered scaffolds for a wide range of biomedical applications because of its similarity to the extracellular matrix (ECM). GelMA lyophilizate is a hydrolysis product of collagen derivative containing methacrylate groups. It contains arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (RGD) peptide sequences that promote cell proliferation and spreading into the tissue scaffolds.

Hydrogel-based constructs have a great potential that are widely used in 3D culturing. It enables the hydrogel micro-fabrication to create unique patterns, morphologies, and 3D-structures, providing ideal platforms to control cellular behaviors, to study cell–biomaterial interactions, and to engineer living tissues. It can easily crosslinked when exposed to light irradiation to form hydrogels with tunable mechanical features. Photo-crosslinking of the GelMA lyophilizate powders can be regulated using a water-soluble photo-initiator (see our products i.e., Irgacure2959 and LAP) under the light exposure. Physical and chemical features of GelMA scaffolds can be tuned flexibly to meet the requirements of various biomedical applications: i.e., bone, cartilage, neural, skin, muscle, and cardiac tissue regeneration. GelMA hydrogels can be micro-fabricated using different methodologies including micro-molding, photo-masking, 3D-bioprinting, self-assembly, and microfluidic procedures to generate tissue scaffolds.

By using Adbioink GelMA, GelMA-based scaffolds can be prepared in the form of sponges, cryogels, and injectable hydrogels. In addition, our GelMA can be used for tailoring your own bioink formulation.



Synonyms GelMA, GelMA Lyophilizate, Methacrylated Gelatin, Gelatin Methacrylate, Gelatin Methacryloyl
Sterility Sterile
Degree of methacrylation >80% (GelMA High)
50-60% (GelMA Middle)
Shelf life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Storage conditions -20˚C / + 4˚C, Light sensitive, moisture sensitive
Form Lyophilizate
Gelatin source Type A, 300 Bloom, Porcine
pH 7.4


Additional information


1 gr non sterile, 1 gr sterile, 5 gr non sterile, 5 gr sterile

Methacrylation degree

>80% (Gelma High), 50-60% (GelMA Middle)


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